Friday, January 3, 2014

Want to Have Pippe Middleton Buttocks? This Magical Exercise Will Help You Achieve Just That!

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Since the world has seen the buttocks of Pippa Middleton, many women wish that they could get that ass or similar to hers. British personal trainer Gillian Reeves advises simple exercise that works wonders on the buttocks.

Exercise, which was named as P-Middy, after Pippi, activates the buttocks muscles, which strenghten and rise your buttocks. Exercise is also great for the tummy and thighs.

Like any other exercise you do you know you have to warm up, because exercise involve hip and knee bends. Place the feet slightly wider than the hips, place hands on your thighs and bend your knees slightly. This situation is not unusual, if you will ‘towed’ ahead, but try to keep your chest parallel to the floor, see straight ahead. If this position is too difficult for you, lean forward a bit.

P _Middy exercise

 Be careful to keep your spine upright, while you will be automatically stretched abdominal muscles. While your hands are still on your thighs, transfer weight from right leg to the left leg, and straighten your left foot sideways as you can, your knees should be in line with ankles.

 Tighten the buttocks and stay in that position for several seconds. Then transfer weight from right to left and repeat the exercise for a few seconds. Repeat between the right and left leg until you feel fatigue in the legs and hips – usually this happens between the 10th and 20 repetition.
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