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Eat Sweet Potatoes For Weight Loss

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Potatoes by Itself Does Not Cause Obesity

The following findings may surprise you, until recently we were told that potatoes are one of the mayor food that cause obesity, but now we now that potatoes are one of the most healthy food! Daily consumption of potatoes can even help in lowering your blood pressure.
High blood pressure is one of the most common modern health problems, so if you have high blood pressure, potato diet is excellent for you!

Simple Potato Diet

Simple Potato Diet

 Potatoe diet consist of eating the most healthy prepared potatoes. The most recommended is the baked potatoes, but without salt, ketchup and fat. It is true that salt or ketchup enriched the flavor, but contribute to the accumulation of weight. It is acceptable to enjoy roasted potatoes, because we dont need much oil for rosting a food. It is also recommended that you avoid calorie bombs such as croquettes and cream sauce.

Here are some facts why are potatoes so healthy:

  • potatoes has less calories than rice and pasta
  • they are rich with vitamin C & B and magnesium
  • lowers blood pressure
  • lowers bad cholesterol level and reduces the chanches of a heart attack.

However, it lacks of vitamin A and E, because of that it is NOT adviseable to eat only potatoes but rather combining them with other foods!

The Study Confirmed The Benefits of  Potatoes

Recent study confirmed that potato diet, which does not reguire heavy menu planning, counting calories, you can combinate potatoes with any other healthy foods,.. really work! 18 men and women were asked to consume potates each day, from 6-8 potatoes per day(size of and egg) for lunch and dinner. This was the only change in their normal menu!
Most of the participants had problems with overweight and they were taking pills to lower their blood pressure. Results after one month of the study were surprising, the level of blood pressure decreased significantly and none of the volunteers did not gain on weight.

Like All Diets, Potato Diet is Based on The Facts That We Need to Eat Less

Despite these encouraging results, the American chemical society in conference stressed out that success is likely the fact that the participants reduced the amount of daily meals. They also emphasized that the subjects consumed daily a very small portion of potatoes, each of them should contain only 12 calories.
Even a large portion of potatoes each with 110 calories will not contribuite to your weight, just think of the beneficial ingredients you would consume and will help you mantain appropriate body weight.

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