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Paleo Diet

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The Paleo diet is heavy on protein and loaded with fruits and veggies. As you can imagine a caveman eating. A few dvantages of this program are:

Fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and seafood, which are the main foods of this eating plan, are more nutrient-dense than refined sugars, grains, vegetable oils, and dairy products. This makes for very high nutritional value of this diet high in compared with an average American diet.

No calorie counting or portion weighing: Metablosim-slowing fare has been eliminated in the Paleo diet and the foods you will be eating are loaded with nutrients proven to facilitate weight loss.

Protein intake will help with retaining your lean muscle tissue while dieting and instead your body will burn fat as you lose pounds.

Here are some tips to get you going:

Eat 55/45: Get about 55% of your daily calories from lean protein and eat protein at every meal. The remaining 45% of calories should come from plant foods. An easy way to achieve this is to mentally divide your plate so that 1/3 of it has protein and the remaining 2/3 is fresh produce.

Go Lean to Get Lean:  Some cuts of meat contain 65-80% fat. Options for Paleo diet meats and seafood that will get you slim: skinless turkey for chicken breast, boiled shrimp, broiled lobster, broiled halibut, steamed clams, sirloin beefsteak, lean beef flank steak, broiled salmon and lean pork chops. Choose the leanest cut you can find, then trim off visible fat.

Cooking Tip for Meats: broil, bake roast or saute with olive oil, then pour off or blot excess fat before consuming.

Up Your Omegas: American diets tend to be higher in omega-6 which, in excess, can promote heart disease. Omega 3's which are the healthiest fatty acids ward off disease and promote weight loss. When possible opt for free range and range fed meat since it delivers a healthier omega-3 to omega 6 ratio than grain fed livestock.

Spring into Action: Spring is the perfect time to change your eating habits. Studies from Massachusetts Institue of Technology in Cambridge indicate that you won't miss carbs as much in the spring. This is due to the fact that winter's dark months are a driving force behind women's carb cravings. Also, in spring there is an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables to make selecting healthy options even easier.

Drinking: This plan is a really about water. If you follow the plan strictly it says that water is the drink of choice. Although some Paleo dieters also drink tea. Soda, alcohol and coffee are not permited.

Go Ahead and Snack: you can snack all you want and it is encouraged but what you snack on counts. Chose fresh fruit, avocado or tomato, nuts and seeds, raw vegetables and dried fruit.

This style of eating is really a back to basics diet. If you are eating lots and fruits and vegetables, drinking water and consuming filing protein you are on your way to optimum health. I will say that extremes in anything are not good so do enjoy some grains and plan for at least one or two "open meals" each week so that you will not feel deprived of the foods you have grown to love. But as you eat more and more on the Paleo diet you will have increased energy and have a better mood and outlook on life.
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