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Super foods

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Super foods get a lot of press. While top super foods are nutritional powerhouses, incorporating into your diet may take a little extra thought and effort at first. However the rewards of a thinner and more energetic you will be well worth it. Sometimes you get in a food rut and can't think of new foods to turn to. This can be especially dangerous to your weight loss if you turn to the same bad, processed foods time after time.

 Some great reasons to try these foods are their ability to:
  • Prevent or reduce inflammation
  • Help regulate metabolism and burn body fat
  • Lower total cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Help protect against heart disease
  • Help protect against cancer
  • Help protect organs from toxins
  • Promote digestive health

Sometimes trying new things can be a little daunting but if you want to have a healthy body and lifestyle you will need to start eating healthy, nourishing foods. It is as simple as that. Here are some of my favorite super foods with easy tips on incorporating them into your day. Set an easy goal of incorporating two top  superfoods a day into your meals and build from there. If you need extra ideas on easily incorporating these powerful foods into your diet try reading the Abs Diet book for some quick, easy and delicious recipes.


Beans have significant amounts of fiber and soluble fiber, with one cup of cooked beans providing between nine to thirteen grams of fiber. Soluble fiber can help lower blood cholesterol. Beans are also high in protein, complex carbohydrates, folate, and iron.

 Beans are one of those super foods that you really have to practice incorporating into your diet. Until eggs, nuts or yogurt, beans take some thought and preparation to include. However all you need to do are find a few go-to places to add beans and they will become an easy go to super food. I usually include black beans in my mexican food and they are easy to throw into a salad. I also have a great black bean soup recipe that is delicious, filling and healthy! However you choose to incorporate beans, you will be glad you did. Your body will thank you for the fiber and protein and your waist will thank you for the low cal food that causes it to shrink.


As a super food, yogurt is a highly nutritious food with unique health benefits. It is rich in protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. Yogurt is also known to aid in weight loss. A study published in the International Journal of Obesity (11 January 2005) also found that the consumption of low-fat yogurt can promote weight loss, especially due to the calcium in the yogurt. Many yogurts today have pro-biotics added which help create and balance the good bacteria in your belly. As a practical matter it is also one of the easiest super foods to incorporate into your diet since it is so portable and comes in single size servings. If you are watching your calories be careful to get a lite version and also watch out for high sugar content in yogurt as well. I like to mix my own to make a super power snack. I take a serving size portion of greek yogurt and add my own blueberries (I keep mine frozen and then microwave to thaw) or whatever fruit I have handy and mix in some chopped nuts and enjoy. With this method I get three superfoods (yogurt, nuts, berries) in one easy snack!! Does not get better than that!!


Nuts have gotten a bad rap because of their high fat content. But their protein, heart-healthy fats, high fiber, and antioxidant content earn them a place on the top of the list. The key to enjoying nuts, experts say, is portion control. "All nuts are healthful in small doses, and studies show they can help lower cholesterol levels and promote weight loss," says Today Show nutritionist Joy Bauer, MS, RD. "I like pistachio nuts because they also contain plant sterols and it takes longer to crack the shell and eat them, making it easier to control the portion. Whether you prefer pistachios, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, or pecans, an ounce a day of nuts help fill you up. Nuts add texture and flavor to salads, side dishes, baked goods, cereals, and entrees. They taste great alone, too. They are also easy for putting together your own snack packs of nuts for easy and portable snacks. I like snacking on raw almonds (180 calories in about 24 almonds) and a piece of string cheese.


Broccoli is one of America's favorite vegetables because it tastes good and is available all year long. It's a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C (a half-cup provides 52 mg of Vitamin C), and bone-building vitamin K, and has plenty of fiber (2.6 grams of fiber in only 3.5 ounce serving). This fiber will fill you up and help control your appetite and therefore your weight. Broccoli is also one of the most versatile veggies and is easy to incorporate into a wide variety of dishes. You can eat broccoli raw, lightly steamed, stir-fried, roasted, or grilled. Eat it as a side dish, or toss into grains, egg dishes, soups, and salads. I like my broccoli raw with garlic hummus. Perfect filling snack.


Quinoa has a light, fluffy texture when cooked, and its mild, slightly nutty flavor makes it an alternative to white rice or couscous. Quinoa can serve as a high-protein breakfast food and when mixed with other super foods like almonds, and berries it becomes a super food powerhouse. It is also sold as a dry product, much like corn flakes. Quinoa flour can be used in wheat-based and gluten-free baking. Nutritionally, quinoa has a very high protein content (12-18%) and is noted for being a good source of fiber and phosphorous. It is also high in magnesium and iron and is gluten free. Most people will have to make a conscious effort to incorporate the quinoa super food into their diet. A few easy and tasty quinoa recipes will go a long way to helping you making this a go to super food in your daily menus.


Definitely one of the sweetest, yummiest super foods are berries. Luckily they are also one of the healthiest and a very easy one to eat every day. Blueberries, strawberries, goji berries, raspberries and blackberries are all packed with antioxidant pigments and various phytochemicals. In fact, at a 2007 symposium on berry health benefits were reports showing consumption of blueberries (and similar berry fruits including cranberries) may alleviate the cognitive decline occurring in Alzheimer's disease and other conditions of aging. So berries help you age better mentally and physically, and, in the case of goji berries may aid in weight loss. It is easy to see why berries are considered super foods. As far as eating, berries are great in oatmeal, with yogurt or by themselves. Berries are easy to keep around the house in frozen form. I have found the fresh ones do need to be eaten quickly. I use frozen berries in smoothies and with a little sugar as a dessert or snack. I also make an excellent syrup by putting a cup of frozen blueberries in a pan and heat over low heat with a teaspoon of sugar. After it is warm I sometimes need to thicken it with a bit of cornstarch. This syrup is healthy and with multi-grain pancakes for an excellent and tasty breakfast.


Packed with protein and 12 vitamins and minerals but with only about 80 calories each, eggs earn their super food ranking. Eggs are also very filling and are considered the perfect protein. When it comes to eggs - eat the yolk. The yolk contains all of the fat slightly less than half of the protein, and most of the other nutrients. It also contains all of the choline. Choline is an important nutrient for development of the brain, and is said to be important for pregnant and nursing women to ensure healthy fetal brain development. Easy ways to incorporate eggs into your diet include hard boiling them and have them as a snack. Eggs are also easy to make ahead. Make a batch of scrambled eggs loaded with veggies and then refrigerate them. In the morning I put a small portion in the microwave with some fat free cheddar cheese and heat up. Roll in a wheat tortilla and you have a super healthy, super easy breakfast burrito.
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